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June 21st, 2012

And here's why, astrologically speaking..

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Zac is already so Plutonic/Scorpio with his stellium of planets in Scorpio in his 11th & MC (Midheaven/ career..calling). Combined with the fact that his secondary progressed MC is conjunct exactly his secondary progressed Eros (sex/love, erotica) and his solar arc Psyche (all of his selves) is conjunct his natal Mercury (communication),to me implores, compels..beseeches that he play the part of this role! Deep, dark, transformative, sexual taboo's has him written all over this kind of character! 
And again the pattern presents itself to me with his secondary progressed Eros and MC conjunct his natal Part of Fortune within 1 degree... all in Scorpio.  Way to make $$ and garner recognition!

Mind you, I haven't yet read this book, nor any of this series. A friend of mine did and she doesn't think Zac matches the role physically. I don't think that's as important as him 'fitting' this role emotionally. I have heard, though, that Ian Somerhalder is being considered for this role, as is Alexander Skarsgard. Both hotties! And while Ian does also have his natal Eros in Scoprio as well as his Venus, these 2 planets are not exactly conjunct like Zac's (natally, and with Pluto and Mercury) nor are his transits screaming for a role such as this to the extent of Zac's transits, imho.

Also, transiting Pluto in Capricorn is in Zac's 1st house and applying to his AC (ascendant/ mask we wear for the world) for many years to come. So, we get to watch as he is transformed..

Not to mention that Zac's 1st/7th & 4th/10th axes are right smack in the heart of the Uranus/Pluto square. All that cardinal energy. Big, sweeping personal changes...self/partner-home life/career.

I hope he at least reads for this role! Bring it!!

March 8th, 2013

The first thing that stood out about Jays' chart is his Mars/Pluto square.  This.  This perfectly describes 'the beast within'.  A monstrous, churning energy he has, that sometimes people aren't even aware of.  There is no denying that this represents a very intense sexual energy.  He is magnetic. It denotes obsession, compulsion and a physicality that can quite possibly be dangerous and violent.  In order to avoid brutal bad tempers, these individuals need to be physical.  And it's all about control...controlling this supremely powerful well of energy.  How very cathartic for him to express this part of himself, this role, through the Beast!
jay ryan natal
Jay also has Venus conjunct Jupiter in Libra, with Saturn following.  How sweet!  He really loves women and is probably quite generous with whom he fancies, as well as a truly romantic heart.  :)  Saturn in the mix levels him out with possible excessiveness and lends a no nonsense capability to his love desires.  He probably doesn't suffer fools.  I would also like to mention two feline Asteroids that I find fascinating.. Ubasti and Sekhmet.  The Cat Goddess and the Egyptian Lioness Goddess.  Jay has them both in Leo.  How apropos!

A song that drew me in when I think of the Jay/Beast..

Kristin was born during the Full Moon.  There is always an inner push/pull, an inner struggle between her vital force and her subconscious and habits.  With Cancer Moon she's uber aware of other peoples feelings, which can at times be a bit too much for her and TMI, what with all that Capricorn energy!  She also has a Lilith (the bitch goddess)/ Venus conjunction in Capricorn, as well as Ubasti, Eros(erotic love) and Mercury very closely together.  Let's not leave out the Venus/Pluto (a deep need to transform through love) square!  Our Belle is extremely aware of the strength of her feminine sexual power.  She knows how to work it...and she gets what she wants!  Kristin has a stellium of planets is Capricorn.  This is a very determined, disciplined woman who will continue to climb to the top of which ever mountain she deems worthy.


The aspect that screamed 'Yes!' at me initially was Jay's Mars opposite Kristin's Venus.  This is classic astrology.  Whether a couple or not, the chemicals between them cannot ever be denied.  That being said, they have all these other Pluto, Venus, Mars aspects going on, too. Again, everywhere you look there is unquestionable sexual energy.  This does not mean that it's all sweet and tender between them... not with his Pluto square her Venus and his Mars square her Pluto!  It just means that if they're not acknowledging this particular energetic exchange between them, they are probably severely frustrated.  Personally, I think it's inevitable that they become intimate because the attraction between them is palpable and visceral..what a waste if they ignore these blatant signals, yet.. if they do have an intimate relationship, it could seriously become obsessive and volatile.  Sometimes it be's like that.

So, for the nicey nice part we'll stick with his Venus in Libra trine her Mars in Aquarius and his Sun in Virgo trine her Sun in Capricorn.  That there says they genuinely like and appreciate each other.  :)   Will we add them to the long list of celebrity character/couples?  We shall see....

There is so much more, always there is more with Astrology and without their proper times of birth these charts cannot be tied up completely.  **the biggest issue is not knowing whether Jay's Moon is in Leo or Virgo (new moon)!?  It all depends on what time of the day he was born and it is imperative.  :(  I am begging the powers that be to divulge this info.
Thank you...

April 28th, 2012

The Astrology of Zac Efron

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Originally posted by polly_amore11at The Astrology of Zac Efron

Let's talk about the astrology of Zac. 

*I'm using whole sign houses with Zac's natal chart.  **more to follow with transits, secondary progressed and solar arc.

     Firstly, Zac has his Sun (essence/core) in Libra in his 10th house.  Libra is ruled by Venus, so these individuals are known for their diplomatic, social and charming nature as well as being reasonable and calm, always striving for middle ground.  At times this can be quite infuriating because they can have a hard time making a definite choice.  His Mars also resides in the 10th house.  The Sun and Mars are powerfully placed here and very driven.  Here, he will garner a reputation, crave attention from the outside world and his peers, and achieve great success in his career.  This is a power house.  Zac knows power.  The 4th/10th houses are also the house of parents.  Home/ private life and career/public life.  Zac's north and south nodes  (karmic connections) reside here, as well.  No doubt one or both? of his parents were unusually demading of him and determined, to nearly Machiavellian lengths, to make him succeed.  Yet, this is his nodes connection.  He's been through this with them before.. and he very much loves to spend time with them and wants their approval.  His private life with his family is probably very spirited with a great deal of ball-busting!  There's much bravado here with a spirit of competition and comaraderie that is unmatched in any of his other social spheres.  He and his...they are like a band of brothers.  The north/south node connection to these particular houses is relevant to him in that it is in this life where he needs to create anew, everyday, his own personal world, making choices for his own self, not for anyone else (parents!)  and not letting anyone make these choices for him.  It's about not sacrificing your inner world or personal life for the sake of glory.  And how, in this life, could he not achieve this having the warrrior spirit, the unflinching bravery, the forever spring of a North Node in Aries @ 2 degrees??  His state of independence probably started kicking in around March 2011 when Uranus entered Aries.  

  Sun oppostion Jupiter (Rx) exact means... he can be larger than life, yet this.. gives him perspective.  He goes to extremes and at times has an over inflated ego and then becomes sincerely humbled.  He's up for a challenge, though, and while this can bestow much generosity and an exuberance, it can sometimes lead to extreme excesses.  Too much of a good thing and all... but overall a very optimistic and beneficial combination with the capacity for great talent and creativity.  There we go again with the 4th/10th axis.   He no doubt waxes philosophic and expands his inner-life in the company of his family and closest friends, and they can learn a great deal from eachother.

Zac's Moon is in Virgo in his 9th house.  He's the mentalist, the philosophizer.  He's fully aware of emotional under currents and naturally retains an emotional eloquence.  And while he's empathetic to other's concerns, he's not usually big on emotionally demonstrative displays.  He gains much emotional satisfaction from travelling, adventures and being in the outside world.  Absorbing himslef in other cultures is for him.  Virgo mooners like order and it is comforting for them to keep busy on a daily basis with everyday tasks.  There is a therpeutic-ness to this Moon at it's core.  This placement can also make one a little shy and uber self conscious.

Zac's AC/DC axis is Capricorn/Cancer. 
      His AC(ascendant) is how he initially seems to be to others, the way the world first views him physically and his temperament.  It is the 1st impression he gives, his mask, if you will.  In Capricorn he comes off as ..serious and very status conscious, patient and very aware of his appearance.  More than likely he was forced to carry responsibilities at a young age.  He feels comfortable within the structure of formalities, and is not a big rule breaker.  An impeccable sense of timing lends him a wry sense of dead pan humor.  He is very much a believer in the security of home and family.  Nobody, and I mean nobody understands the saying, "the show must go on" more than a Capricorn/Saturn ruled individual.  Neptune resides here in his 1st house, as well.  Neptune (illusion, fantasy, dreams, etc.) is so Hollywood.  Celebrity is the new royalty, is it not?  Sooo, he is the stuff of many upon many people's fantasy. Oh, but there's more to the fantasy he incites!  Soon...

     His DC(descendant)...the 'other', is in Cancer.  Subconsciously, this is what attracts him.  He may be longing for a partner to take care of him emotionally.  He also has Chiron (that which ails us, the wounded healer, one's Achilles heel, the bridge between the past and future) close enough to his 7th house cusp that I must consider it there, as well as the 6th.  It is because Chiron is in Mercury ruled Gemini that I think Zac, concerning his health, is more prone than most to the mind/body connection.  In other words, when he's nervous or upset emotionally his health can be an issue.  This is nothing new for most humans, just that he may be super sensitve to this connection.  Arms, hands, shoulders, lungs are all connected with Gemini/Mercury affiliations so, breathing exercises and stretching the upper body is helpful, as are any other healthful activities that calm the nerves.   Chiron is @ 28 degrees Gemini, which happens to conjunct Betelgeuse, the fixed star of everlasting fame and fortune!   Wow, this is probably a tender spot for him.  It's ok, I promise you are allowed to be filthy, dirty, rotten, rich and famous and still be loved for who you really are.  :=)

 Zac's MC/IC axis is Scorpio/Taurus. 
     The Midheaven or MC(medium coeli) is one's ambitions in life, what we are here to manifest into...what we unleash. Coupled with the fact that he has his natal Pluto in Scorpio (as well as the rest of that stellium), again and again, he is all about personal power in this life. He is here to bring change, to help transform the world. Sex and politics anyone? Use this, all this ...deep resevoir of power well, Zac. Don't pull an Anakin! Then again, he did come clean in the end...

     His Taurus Nadir or IC(immum coeli) is the root of him, the source of his personal power. Where he resides. A very solid foundation, indeed, with much sensual enjoyment and groundedness.  Food, drink, music, art, beauty and all things Venus rule his world, including $$.  Acquiring property and land is something he will continue to do, with much flora and fauna abounding.   He may even have his own vineyard someday.  Laying upon the earth, literally, letting the pulsing energy course through him is a beneficial exercise in grounding himself.  Taurus on the IC indicates one who is in touch with the divine feminine or more that they facilitate in the promotion of matriarchy. 

     Mercury was retrograde (Rx) in Scorpio the day Zac was born.  Sometimes these individuals feel as if they're being inarticulate or misunderstood.  It just takes a little longer sometimes for them to put their thoughts and perceptions into words, many times reconsidering before they speak. not always such a bad thing!  They seem to assimilate information differently at times and that's ok, too, but should never let crtiticism stop them from speaking what they find to be true.  Mercury here is quite probing and detective like.  They have instinctive, acute powers of observation and are so tuned into the subtleties and unspoken words of the situation that they don't miss a trick.  Conjunct (together) with Pluto... he can see right through you.

     Zac's Saturn (limits, constructs, discipline) is conjunct Uranus (rebellion, liberation, the great awakener, chaos) in Sagittarius in his 12th house.  The dreaded 12th house.  The place of sorrow, loss, separateness, yet the place of the collective unconscious and hopefully, true love, devotion and surrender.  No way to say Saturn here is easy.  Must not let feelings of dread or feeling painfully vulnerable pull one into the abyss.  I'm thinking Uranus here will just not accept the limits or constraints this placement can bring.  With these two fundamentally opposite planets together true breakthroughs can be made here.  Paying attention to dreams, flashes of insight and fostering the deeper brain wave frequencies (alpha, theta, delta) can help make these profound connections.  There is amazing potential for the fusion and creation of new ideas that can be made into some concrete form.  This is genius. (and generational!)  

     Ok, let's talk about sex.  Zac's Mars (ego, individuality, agression, sexual drives) is in Libra.  What turns him on?  What sparks this airy, romance lovin', all things of beauty appreciating, charming the panties off any female guy?  Well, it's a cerebral thing first.  This placement is known to be quite discriminatory about sex.  And, obviously he can be.  With his Mars in the 10th house there's sure to be quite a libido, but lovemaking is about so much more than just physical sex for him.  He may or may not be having a sex life for the sake of it, but when he's in love...when he truly sees the other as 'the one' there is no love like this can give.  He holds the keys to the heart shaped box and there's a whole world of love to be made.  That being said, Zac has a Mars/Neptune square (friction).  Again, we see the creator of sexual fantasies (quite a theme in his chart!).  I've seen this placement manifest in fiercely negative ways, but it is always a choice for us to make the best of these energies.  All is well as long as he continues to be the master of the illusion he represents, honoring the highest good. (acting/art/music/poetry)  This placement can denote sexual frustration, so having a healthy sex life with lots of fantasy will help to keep his energy levels peaking.  ;>~

     Now, let's talk about deeply intense, soul shattering tranformative sex.  How about the fact that Zac has sexuality oozing out of his pores?  In his 11th house  (groups, kindred spirits, hopes, dreams, political aspriations) he has a stelllium (grouping) of planets is Scorpio.  Namely, his Midheaven, Pluto exactly conjunct Venus, Eros, Mercury, and Part of Fortune.  This is alchemy...transcendance.  This is tantra.  This makes for a lethally irresistable tricked out combination.  Zac lives in erotic city.  He owns this.   The sweetest taboo..pain in pleasure, pleasure in pain?  This is getting closer to God.  How could anyone he's ever loved ever feel satisfied without him?  And, I can't imagine he'll ever, ever stop loving anyone who has gotten his heart.  I need a vulcan mind meld to formulate the words!  His truest, deepest love is so raw and vulnerable lucky? the one who gets to open those doors with him.  Not everyone can handle those depths and heights, but he won't have it any other way when being truly intimate.  And beign truly, deeply intimate is what he needs.  Women not girls rule his world, and I don't mean age, I mean a state of mind.  No coyness here, ladies.  You better be giving him something he can feel.  If he lets you peel away those layers, lifting up the veil..lakes running into rivers, rivers running into oceans... sailing the seven seas finding Atlantis...a magic carpet soaring into a clearing..into an oasis.  All of this love/sex/transformative energy tied into timeless symbolism with Mercury in the mix.. this is what and how he communicates.  Zac is an artist at heart and must demonstrate to the world all this beauty and deep love intensely and creatively.

So much more! I'll be back soon.
* I study, practice, present astrology in honor of Jacob, always **thanking miss L, too
**photo from Zefron, ty

... a song that reminds me of Zac...



March 9th, 2012

The astrology of Zac

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It's the astrology of Zac that I want SO much to talk about. Pining for other fans who are also fans of and knowledgeable in astrology.
I may just talk about it anyway just because I have to.
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